Determining the best possible fit for you is extremely important.  With Love believes that there is no such thing as "one size fits all".  So, when booking, you can filter in several ways - for details about our system, please contact Mr. Love to discuss your preferred options. 

  • The quality ratings of the House keepers in each time-slot includes factors like the rate at which the clients request them back, as well as the customer's feedback about each one's services.

  • The number of Home keepers available in the time-slot is also a factor.  The more available, gives you more choice because if someone is sick or unavailable, it provides you with more choices for a qualified substitute.

  • Factors specific to you and the House keeper, like the driving distance or special service methods or how compatible we think you and the House keeper will be are all considered when Mr. Love and you discuss your scheduled time slot. By trying to optimize around your home and schedule needs, customers report more positive results with this more personal approach to choosing the time slot.



  • RATINGS - we will provide a ratings system in the near future but due to the vast variety of current computer programming choices, we are still determining which one will work best for our company. 


Even though our services may cost a little more than some other companies, there are important reasons why it does. Those reasons all have to do with Quality.

We select very carefully from the vast market of cleaning products available, only the superior products which produce the very best results and that leave your home shining and thoroughly clean. Plus, we provide these products to our housekeepers at no charge to you or them. Therefore, both they and you don’t have to be concerned about providing cleaning products of quality and these products are always available with our services. This makes it easy for your housekeepers to focus on spreading love around your home and you enjoying it.




The safety of both our Clients and Housekeepers is a top priority for us so we take many precautions when booking your home cleaning services. 

We protect your phone number and other contact information - giving it only to our staff on a need-to-know basis


1- We keep software packages up to date, to solve publically disclosed security flaws as soon as possible after they are announced and provide industry standard security programs for your accounts.


2- We also recommend using a lockbox for your safety.  This way, you can change your home access at any time - please just let Mr. Love know as soon as possible if you do this.



All House keepers are given a complete background check prior to being able to be sent out to clean any home.  This includes County and City background checks.  The safety of your items and your loved ones are our top priority. If you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to contact our Concierge, Mr. Love.





Our staff will always make an effort to come to your property and they will always try their best to locate your address, as it was given to us, when you booked your appointment.  However, if they are unable to find your home because you did not supply a complete address or the necessary instructions for locating your home, we will have to charge you an extra fee for the time they wasted trying to find your home.  That fee is an additional 25% of the cost of the service that you booked for that day.

Please, anytime this happens, contact us and we will help resolve the situation.  We will connect you with our staff and you can then talk or text with them to send further, more detailed instructions to direct them to your location.  We request that you always call our Concierge Mr. Love first, anytime this situation occurs and he will help.




We believe that every home is different, and so we give you a set of choices that range from a basic cleaning to a custom cleaning and other services.

When you create your account with Mr. Love, please tell us about your priorities and specific needs, because those services that you require 

and which are important to you, are important to us.


Your housekeepers will be provided with your list of preferences and will be sure to complete all items listed. Whenever you want to change the list of services required, just contact our Concierge,

Mr. Love and he will be sure your service request is updated for you and he will also advise you about the exact cost for the revised services.





You do not need to be home for cleanings, unless you prefer a more hands-on type of service. However, we require that you make sure that there is a secure and reliable way for our staff to get into your home.  We generally recommend a garage code or a lockbox because they are more secure than leaving a key for them.  We recommend you retain control of access to your home and that you advise our Concierge, Mr. Love of the method you prefer to use for our housekeepers to enter and leave your residence on the day of your appointment.




Our company uses a pre-tested selection of cleaning products that are effective and non-toxic.  Our top priority is that these products are safe and will not damage your home.  However, if you would like us to use a specific product or have a surface that requires special care, please provide that product for our staff along with a note with detailed instructions for our housekeepers.  Please note that if you choose this option, then you will be responsible if your product causes damage.




Since satisfaction and safety is our highest priority, we have set strict standards for our staff.  We also do understand that accidents can happen, so if one does occur, please contact Mr. Love within 3 days (72 hours) of your cleaning to discuss the damage.  He will work with you to resolve any issues not covered by your current homeowner’s insurance policy as well as any which were directly caused by members of our staff.




If you have a cleaning that must be done by a certain time, we can help you but we require the following from you:


1. Book a cleaning with multiple people.  This way, if one of our staff that you use regularly gets sick or cannot make it, one of the other housekeepers on your list can come instead.

2. Book the cleaning as early as possible.  This way, if there is any issue with the time of the cleaning, our housekeeper should have enough time to come later that day.  By scheduling early in the day, you enable more opportunities to respond to traffic and other unexpected issues. 




Payment is made through our website system or with the assistance of our Concierge, Mr. Love. We except most major credit cards or PayPal.  You never pay your housekeeper directly.  We do not accept cash or checks for our services.

Tipping is definitely not required, however you can tip your housekeepers, if you like.




You can get a refund for any of the following:

1. You never received service because our housekeeper canceled, and no replacement

was found within a reasonable time period.

2. You never received service because you cancelled.  **Note: There is a last-minute cancellation charge of 50% of the cleaning for cancellations with 24 hours

3.  If you are not satisfied with your last cleaning and believe that you have good cause, please contact out Concierge, Mr. Love and he will provide you with options like a discount, if our staff is found to have not performed according to our standards.

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